Bonus Buzz Bites -- 2/3/2009: Mandy Moore's Blogging! And t.A.T.u. Is Too!

+ Mandy Moore is busy blogging. About pink lady apples. AND her upcoming album, Amanda Leigh, due out May 26. (E! News)

+ Speaking of blogging, Yulia Volkova from t.A.T.u. got her lips done. And Lena Katina's been blogging about it. (MySpace)

+ Lil Wayne LUVS a lot of things. Among them, bowling, you guys. (Starpulse)

+ Eve (yes THAT Eve!) promises that her next album, Flirt, originally entitled Here I Am and scheduled for a summer 2007 release, will be worth the epic wait. (Popwrap)

+ Demi Lovato can still barely get over the fact that people actually know her name. (

+ Oah noe! Boys Like Girls' Martin's melting! (Martin's blog)

+ Oah nose! What happened to Lady Gaga's nose? (EvilBeet)

+ OK, YAY! OK Go is going on tour! (

+ It's not too late to get your own Jonas Brothers Valentine's chocolate sampler or make your own Camp Rock-themed Build A Bear. (JonasBrothersFan)

+ Is Ashley Tisdale getting her own Disney reality show? Stay tuned. (Disney Society)