The Buzz On This Is Energy

Call it a cop-out, but sometimes it's just better to let bands describe themselves in their own words. To be frank, there's no way I could do This Is Energy's bio justice with my own words. Here, take it from the band:

THIS IS ENERGY is more than a band and music! It is YOU! It is US! It is a Community and a way of life! It is a Journey! It is Living! It is finding what truly makes you happy, and giving it all you got! It is inspiring others to tap into their full potential! It is being someone and doing SOMETHING! It is realizing that each of you are EXTRAordinary! It’s knowing that there is an unlimited supply of goodness on this earth! It’s wanting something so bad, you can taste it! It’s learning that there is absolutely NO ONE or NO THING that can keep you from your happiness! It is proving the people who said you couldn’t do it wrong! There is just YOU!! And YOU are more powerful and capable than you might yet understand! WE UNDERSTAND THAT WE CAN!! This is YOU! THIS IS ENERGY! THIS IS OUR MOVEMENT!!!!! You have 2 choices, BE MOVED or DO THE MOVING!!! Join us and let’s CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ENERGY MOVEMENT!!!!

See?!?! Don't worry. There's no membership fee associated with listening to This Is Energy, and you don't have to wake up early on the weekends or dress up fancy either. The St. Louis-born, Los Angeles-based twosome compose unforgettable power pop ballads, taking cues from influences as far ranging as Sting and Third Eye Blind. Adam Gardner and Britton Campbell are This Is Energy, and they're on a mission! A mission to set your life on fire with inspiration and... wel ... energy. Obviously. Anyway, this is some majorly compelling stuff. Walls of guitar fuzz, irresistible melodies and crashing, edgy choruses that'd make even Bono proud. Listen!