Five Reasons To Know And Love(!) The Guys From Push Play

Mark our words: Push Play is one of the bestest, most exciting pop punk groups you've never heard of. Not that it's your fault. The guys (CJ Baran, Nick DeTurris, Steve Scarola and Derek Ries) put out their first album, Deserted, about a year ago and are only just now starting to get the recognition they (SO! TOTALLY!) deserve.

So show them some much-overdue love by heading to their MySpace, checking out their funky, All Time Low-ish sound and reading on for five fun factoids about the native New Yawk foursome.

Fun Fact #5. They're fashion forward. Lead singer CJ Baran designs his own outfits (like Kanye, except without the 'tude!) and drummer Derek "D-Rock" Ries says he's way into Dolce & Gabbana. Hmm, wonder which one of the boys is responsible for that "I Love PP" t-shirt ...

Fun Fact #4. They're thisclose to Miley Cyrus. The boys share a manager with MyCy -- although, thankfully, not her passion for trying to pass off pj's as outerwear/churning out Jonas-inspired revenge songs. Natch, we're assuming this close proximity to Miley means they'll eventually open for/tour with/marry her (although necessarily in that order).

Fun Fact #3. They've got their priorities straight. Dudes got themselves added to the Zootopia lineup back in May, and even scored the same dressing room as Metro Station (DING! Another Miley connection!) And while most of the band's influences are punk rockish (i.e. All-American Rejects, Brand New), Push Play said they were MOST excited about seeing the Jo Bros take the stage. (PP? We like where your head's at.)

Fun Fact #2. They're all Hottie McHottersons. We know, we know, crushworthiness can't make or break a band. Then again, Steve Scarola's dimples (above, far left) have GOTTA count for something. C'mon, worked for ABDC host Mario Lopez, right?!

Fun Fact #1. They always put their fans first. Got a hot date on Valentine's Day? So does Push Play! The guys'll be playing a show in Farmingdale, New York. Feel free to surprise them by showing up with a cheesy Hallmark card, a box of chocolates and a giant totally-not-creepy sandwich board that reads "BE MINE."