Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Gets A Musical! Who Else Deserves One?

Have you read this gossip that Michael Jackson has approached a Broadway production company in hopes of translating his musical career -- specifically Thriller -- into a musical? Obviously cruel jokes are already forming in your head, but that's just because you're super immature. Just kidding. They're in my head too. But for once, let's take the high road and think about this instead: Who else's music/life is fit for a musical? Weirdly enough, I have a few ideas...

First of all, I don't care if they're too new to draw a crowd, or too indie for a scandal. I don't care if their music is antiseptic and intellectual. Hell, I don't even care if the musical is about them. If there was a play called Vampire Weekend, that's a play that I would definitely attend. You?

Going a more substantive route, recent hip-hop offers endless possibilities. If Notorious can be a movie, certainly it can be a musical (sooorry Lil' Kim :-/). Also, Beyonce's latest, I Am... Sasha Fierce, begs for a showstopping dance number, a dream sequence and a subplot involving a ring of lady spies. And speaking of dream sequence, Kanye's epic, auto-tuned bum-out 808s & Heartbreak is practically already set for Broadway. So much drama!

Finally, the worst idea ever: How about Katy Perry uses her big... name to take on Broadway AND global warming with a charmingly choreographed musical called Hot & Cold? Are you puking? Do you have any better ideas? David Archuleta: 'Wicked' Cute? Comment!