Will You Please Plan The 2009 MTV Movie Awards For Us?

In case you missed last year's MTV Movie Awards, lemme give you a lil' recap: It was berserko. Has another show ever packed a Chris Brown/Mike Myers dance-off, a pornographic Wayne's World reunion, musical performances by everyone from Pussycat Dolls to Adam Sandler, rampant making out, Rainn Wilson of The Office fully nude and a giant bag of weed all into the same night? Never once in history and that's a straight up fact.

Now that the 2009 Oscar nominees have dropped, all the talk around the MTV water cooler is speculation about this year's show, right? RIGHT? Who will host? Can anybody top Mike Myers? Who's gonna perform? Is Robert Pattinson gonna do a piano ballad? Will Hurley from LOST show up in a bikini? Will Pineapple Express be considered a comedy or a drama? And most importantly, most interestingly, WHO'S GONNA WIN?

Well, as you may have noticed, MTV is a democracy. And I figured that since you're the ones who are gonna be watching the show, maybe YOU had some ideas about how it should go??? Who would you like to see host? If you were in charge of performances, who would you sign? And again, most importantly, WHO'S GONNA WIN? Post your best ideas as comments below and I'll pass them on to the suits calling the shots!