Friday Fun! Help Bill Kaulitz Get Dressed!

Until that fateful day comes when a.) Tokio Hotel's next album FINALLY comes out!... And b.) you and Bill Kaulitz can sit down in a room together and swap grooming tips (which will NEVER happen because you'll have a minor heart attack first -- though seriously, props to Kelsey because she kept it together when she met the guys), you'll have to settle for making Tokio Hotel glammier than ever.

Check out the amazing black hole of wasted time (or time well-spent, you could argue) that is's Tokio Hotel makeover. Here are my two attempts. The Justin-Gaston-in-"Love-Story" costume sorta sucks on Bill, I admit, but I made these quickly. I think the necklace I picked in the first go-round was pretty good, but surely you can do better. (You can send me your Tokio Hotel makeovers, or just be my MTV bestie, here.)