Top 5 Reasons Miley Cyrus MUST Play Snow White!

After Miley Cyrus had her "hug-it-out" reunion with Nick Jonas at the Kids' Inaugural, we were left thinking it couldn't get much more shocking than that. That is, until we heard that Miley's being considered to play the role of Snow White in the film adaptation of The Stepsister Scheme.

As far as we're concerned, new year, new boyfriend, new look, and a new movie? DO IT, we say!

Here are the top 5 reasons Miley would be the bestest Snow White ever to hit the forest:

5. She looks great on a horse: Doesn't everyone in Nashville know how to ride horses? Ok, we're not sure about that one, but we bet that Papa Billy Ray Cyrus made darn sure that his lil' lady could giddy-up with the best of 'em. SO, she won't have any problemo keeping up with Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and Doc.

4. "Mirror mirror on the wall"... Come on! Do we even really need to go here? MILEY is the fairest one of all.

3. "Take a pic! It will last longer!" Miley was recently spotted on her way to Pilates wearing a tee with these very words. Maybe it was a secret message?! Cause a movie is kinda like a picture. And if she's in one, then we would get to look at her for way longer than we normally would. Soooo... but that logic, she's probably in the movie! (Uh, right?)

2. She could be up against Lindsay Lohan for the part: So between her fights with Samantha Ronson, her cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs daddy, and her leggings side venture, where on earfs would Lindsay find the time to do a movie? Miley is cuh-leerly the better choice.

1. Obviously Snow White = Hannah Montana 2.0, yo!

Miley's already a pretty princess, so please, movie producer people, make it official because we're so ready for another Miley "Breakout."