Buzz Bites -- 1/30/3009: Sister Act! Lily Allen To Live With The Nuns?

+ Sarcastic songstress Lily Allen says she's considering joining a nunnery! But her motives are sliiiiiightly less than pure: "I wouldn't do it for Jesus," Allen clarifies. "I would do it to see tabloid gossip people have zero to write about." (NY Post)

+ Meanwhile, fellow Brit Amy Winehouse was robbed! The singer reportedly lost $21,000 worth of property when her house was burglarized. Hmm, wonder how the perps knew she'd be out... (E! Online)

+ And in other Winehouse-related news, Amy (first name "If You Seek") will join The Killers and Franz Ferdinand in headlining Coachella! That is, assuming she doesn't miss her return flight/drink herself into oblivion first. (MTV News)

+ Taylor Swift is getting set to headline her own tour starting this April. Because that's what happens when you've had the #1 album for 8 WEEKS AND COUNTING. (MTV News)

+ Grab yer magnets! Rihanna sees Beyonce's robo-glove, raises her a gigundo prosthetic leg. (Neon Limelight)

+ Rapper 50 Cent releases a brand-new dis track targeting rap rival/former corrections officer Rick Ross. Among those unimpressed by the new song? You guessed it: Officer Ross. (MTV News)

+ Pete Wentz joins his wifey in defending Jessica Simpson and criticizing the mainstream media: "I think that the media puts too harsh of a spotlight on women in general, and I think it's a bummer," said the skinny jeans-wearing FOB. (

+ Dawn Richard denies rumors that Diddy's breaking up DK and sez the Bad Boy is "devastated" by what's been happening. Devastated! (MTV News)

+ Paula Abdul flashback! Travel back to a time when she was less loopy -- but her outfits were completely insane. (Scandalist)

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