Crooked X's Rock 'N Roll Mothership Finally Lands

Teen rock wannabes of America and the world... your prayers CAN be answered! The proof is in the delicious vanilla pudding that we call Crooked X. As Buzzworthy's been telling you for weeks, these hard-rocking underage Oklahomans are on a whirlwind trip to the top, with stops along the way that include a gig opening for KISS in an olympic stadium. Not bad, huh?

Because these things just (unfortunately) don't happen every day, MTV has had camera crews stalking these boys' every move since back when they were playing garage sales and bonfires. And the resulting Rock 'N Roll Dream documentary finally officially premiered Tuesday night.

Boomer, Forrest, Jesse and Josh invite you along as they creep their way into the spotlight, meeting rockstars like Bret Michaels and Gene Simmons as they go, fueled by nothing more than pure, sweet love of music. Watch now and vicariously live Crooked X's Rock 'N Roll Dream.