Is Escape The Fate Better Off Without Ronnie Radke?

And here I thought I could get away with posting the new Escape The Fate without raising a ruckus... WRONG! Last week's ETF post boiled over with heated fan commentary, and here (for the uninitiated) is why: Back in June, the law caught up with former ETF frontman Ronnie Radke, who'd been on the run from one thing or another for ages. They put him away for two to four for his involvement in a desert brawl (sound familiar, "Something" video???) that left one guy dead and another all messed up. Very bad scene.

Since then, ETF co-founder and ex-best friend Max Green has blamed the band's slow progress on Ronnie's drug abuse and general irresponsibility. He and the band replaced Ronnie with former Blessthefall vocalist Craig Mabitt, and started taking things a lot more seriously. Since then, ETF has toured Australia and New Zealand and released a full-length album.

Ronnie's still in jail, but he's been working on new songs under the fitting name of From Behind These Walls. When he gets out, he's determined to pick up where he left off musically. So, the questions remain... Did Ronnie Radke's imprisonment save his life? Is Escape The Fate better off with Craig Mabitt on the mic? Or will he forever live in Ronnie's shadow? Only a true fan can say... What do you think?