Are The Jonas Brothers Twittering Too?

The Jonas Brothers are a leeeeetle busy with a LOT of stuff -- they're filming their upcoming show, J.O.N.A.S., they just launched their Fan Family Experience, they've got the U.S. premiere of their 3D movie in February, the Latin American and worldwide premieres, a VERY likely Saturday Night Live appearance on Valentine's Day, the Grammys, and, um even a Neil Diamond tribute!

I mean, they are known as the hardest working guys in the business, but seriously, how the HULL could they possibly find time to Twitter? If this even IS the Jonas Brothers' Twitter? Fake Jonas Twitters have popped up before, and this one doesn't "sound" like them either... Your thoughts, OJDers and Twitterati?

Plus: Are you and your two BFFs the Jonas Brothers' biggest fans?

PS: This IS the real Perez Hilton's Twitter. Accept NO imitations!