Preview The Entire 'Spectacular!' Soundtrack Right Now!

When you think of show choir, you probably immediately think "cheesy," "jazz hands," "AWESOME," or some combo of the three. Well now you need to start thinking Spectacular! -- the new Nickelodeon original movie about how show choir can go from pretty bad to rock 'n' RAD!

The movie stars Nolan Gerard Funk (NEW CRUSH ALERT!!!) as Nikko, Tammin Sursok as Courtney, the total spaz with a heart of gold, Victoria Justice -- who you already know and love from Zoey 101 -- who takes a turn as a mean girl -- and Simon Curtis as a backstabbing Benedict Arnold in sequins and character shoes. Oh, and Shannon Chan-Kent, who can totally wail.

Also, not to brag, but I got a sneak preview of Spectacular! earlier this week, and I'm hereby declaring myself TEAM SPECTACULAR! all the way (Boooooo, Team Ta-Dah!)

Anyway, Spectacular! airs Monday, February 16 at 8pm EST on Nick (write it down!), but you can preview the entire Spectacular! soundtrack right now, a week before its official release on Tuesday, February 3.

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