New Video: Rebecca Jordan, 'Dreams'

Some songs should never, ever be covered. (See: Madonna's psychedelic "American Pie" remake, and Britney Spears' wholly unsolicited reinterpretation of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction.") Others can -- and have! -- been remade to excellent effect (think Mandy Moore's "Umbrella," Alanis Morissette's sad, soulful -- AND HILARIOUS -- rendition of "My Humps" and Travis' surprisingly downloadable "... Baby One More Time").

But the fact of the matter is, most cover songs are neither stunning successes nor spectacular failures. They just... are. Like emerging pop/funk artist Rebecca Jordan's take on Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams."

True, Rebecca's pipes are not to be confused with Stevie Nicks' -- nor her choreography with Jack Black's/Joan Cusack's from School of Rock -- but her soft, smoky vocals made us smile, hum and wish we remembered enough of the words to sing along.

So have a listen, and let Rebecca's low-key Fleetwood Mac impression lull you into a woozy, late-afternoon trance. Which is generally what happens when your singing voice reminds us of a mildly sedated Nelly Furtado.