New Video: P.O.S., 'Drumroll'

Watching "Drumroll," it's no surprise that P.O.S. got his start in hardcore. The way the Rhymesayers MC rattles off a verse, spitting faster and madder than a firehose, you can so see him in the center of a writhing basement mosh pit, Beating drums into oblivion, screaming politics, raging against the machine.

His "Drumroll" video takes that punk anarchy vibe and runs with it. Did you see Children Of Men? That end-of-humanity movie with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore? Basically "Drumroll" is Children Of Men with all the plot cut. Just raging, graffiti-scarred, explosion-packed action. Pure adrenaline.

The dead sprint energy and urgency are perfect fits for P.O.S., whose new Molotov cocktail of an album, Never Better, was written in a moving car. And according to the hip-hop blogs, "Drumroll" is only one of six videos that P.O.S. shot in six days. He's on fire! Wait on those and watch the world premiere of his blistering "Drumroll" video, here and on mtvU.