Tokio Hotel News: The Matrix's Quasi Update On TH's New Album, Deconstructed!

All's been semi quiet on the Tokio Hotel front. (New blog layouts! A new t-shirt! Yay!) TH fans, you guys have been patiently waiting for their new album to come out, and meanwhile, Tokio Hotel's apparently been flying to points sometimes unknown to work on the album. Well it looks like one of those points has been Los Angeles, where Tokio Hotel's teamed up with The Matrix (the production team, not Neo and Samuel L. Jackson) to work on the follow-up to Scream.

In sum, Matrix members said that Tokio Hotel's new songs will be dark and "anthem-y," and have lots of guitars, that the band is good at playing their own instruments, and that Bill Kaulitz has a lot of star power. So, in other words, they've, uh, heard Scream? In the words of Selena Gomez, tell me something I don't know!

Allow me to break it down here...

+ Dark: "Don't Jump." "Love Is Dead." "Forgotten Children," for God's sake???

+ Anthem-y: "Ready, Set, Go," "Live Every Second," "Monsoon," y'all!

+ Guitar-heavy: FREAKING "Scream"?


OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO HAVE ALL THOSE THINGS. That is SO NOT "grosses kino"-level news! Bill himself said more about the new album in his interview with Dream Up, where he said that the new album will include influences Tokio Hotel hasn't experimented with before.

The most revealing news the Matrix members shared was that Tokio Hotel's experimenting with a Depeche Mode sound, which could be amazing, unless it ends up sounding like Hilary Duff when she disastrously covered their seminal single, "Personal Jesus."

Anyway, OUT WITH THE NEW TOKIO HOTEL ALBUM already! Less "we can't really talk about it" talk, more rock, I say. Except of course for your talk. What do you wanna hear on the new Tokio Hotel album?