Buzz Bites -- 1/28/2009: Miley Cyrus Thinks Sasha And Malia Are America's Sweethearts

+ Miley Cyrus loved performing for the Obama girls, but insists they're just "like any other fans!" (Except for they have their own Beanie Babies.) But yeah, they were totally "sweet" and "appreciative" and normzies, and not at all "Our dad's president and yours used to have a mullet." (J-14)

+ Memo to Ashlee Simpson: We weren't making fun of your sister's weight gain. We were making fun of her for wearing mom jeans. (MTV News)

+ Is Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend sucking face with Mickey Rourke? And if so, who should be the most embarrassed? (DListed)

+ Either Joaquin Phoenix is the next Eminem, or we've all just been "Punk'd." (EW)

+ Meanwhile, MTV News dares to ask: Is Lil Wayne the new Axl Rose? We dare to answer: No. (MTV News)

+ Britney Spears has shed 20 pounds in the past few months and become a total bikini babe! So what's her secret? Working out 24/7 and tirelessly promoting her new album! Also: Not having any more kids with Kevin Federline. (

+ Two blondes, one pair of pants! Because if anyone deserves a 'Double Shot at Love,' it's lewd British comedian Russell Brand. (Scandalist)

+ Is Diddy finally pulling the plug on Danity Kane? And if so, can you honestly say you still care? (Remote Control)

+ Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship is neither a jerk, nor a wannabe celebrity. Discuss. (MTV News)