Hot Shots: Check Out Kelly Clarkson On The Set Of Her 'My Life Would Suck Without You' Video!

By now, you probably already know that Kelly Clarkson's life would suck without you. But what you may NOT know is how amazing the American Idol alum looks in her brand-new music video. Not only is Clarkson's jewelery fab (and probs WAY more affordable than Britney's "Circus" choker) but, unlike us, she's managed to rock head-to-toe grey without looking washed out/charcoaly/like a super gigundo-sized field mouse.

(Photo Credit: Lisa Rose)

Check out these stills from Kelly's "My Life Would Suck Without You" video, (the new album, All I Ever Wanted, drops on March 17th) and take a quick sec to note the intense similarity between KC and that singing chick from One Tree Hill. Also? That's not a wind machine behind her -- Kelly's flowy, makeover montage hair is 100% for realzies.