New Video: Mayday Parade, 'Miserable At Best'

Hellooo, feelings! Mayday Parade's got a new Mark Staubach-directed (Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is...) clip, and it is one serious tear-jerker. "Miserable At Best" is a gut-wrenching break-up ballad with no punches pulled. Just look at these brutal lyrics:

"Let's not pretend that you're alone tonight (I know he's there)

You're probably hanging out and making eyes (While across the room, he stares)

I bet he gets the nerve to walk the floor and ask my girl to dance...

And she'll say yes."

ROUGH. But wait a minute... Doesn't this all look a little familiar? YES IT DOES! Were you alive in 1996 when Counting Crows dropped that mega-ton of heartache called "Long December" on the unsuspecting world? Let's review... Bad break-up, sad times, getting over it, band singing in the snow while interludes tell the story of a love gone wrong with a raven-haired beauty... The songs even sound alike!

Does this mean that the grocery store hottie in the Mayday Parade video is gonna be the star of the next Friends? Does this mean that "Jamie All Over" is the new "Mr. Jones?" Time will tell, Buzz-ards. Time will tell. For now, watch both videos (CC after the jump) at the same time and see if you can even tell them apart!