New Video: Lily Allen, 'The Fear'

Any good Lily Allen fan will tell you -- 2007 and 2008 were crap years for Lily. There was the O.O.M.W.H.A.F.D. incident (Oversharing On Myspace While Having A Fat Day), her miscarriage in early 2008, the demise of her relationship with the Chemical Brothers' Ed Simons, and her catfight with Elton John, which was actually pretty great, because Elton needs to be taken down a few pegs every now and again.

That her first single, "The Fear," off her upcoming album, It's Not Me, It's You (out February 10 in America), is a pensive, paranoid reflection on overinflated celebrity culture and super-human expectations is far from surprising. Nor is it surprising that the finally-all-grown-up Alice In Wonderland-themed clip is Lily Allen's best -- and most mature -- video to date.

It's directed by Nez, who's also worked with The Streets and British rapper Kano, and shot "The Fear" in Bedfordshire, England.

+ Watch "The Fear" below, find out more about "The Fear"'s video shoot, and get more on the cute PPQ bow dress Lily wears in the video.