Buzz Bites -- 1/27/2009: Amy Winehouse Toasts Her Crumbling Marriage

+ Amy Winehouse is mourning her impending dee-vorce to Blake Fielder-Civil by strutting around in child-sized t-shirts, boozing, and shacking up with a fitness instructor in St. Lucia. We won't even bother taking a pot shot at the sad, sad irony of that "Going Bananas" shirt. (PopSugar - UK)

+ T.I. and Justin Timberlake join an already-amazing Grammys lineup that includes Katy Perry, Kanye and the Jonas Brothers. Perfection! Now, if only we could get Barack Obama to host... (MTV News)

+ The New Kids On The Block have just announced their spring tour dates! Check 'em out, and find out when the aging boy banders will be coming to a retirement home near you. (Celebuzz)

+ This just in: The ABDCrews are gonna be dancing to the musical stylings of comeback queen Britney Spears! You know, kinda like how you do at home, EXCEPT ON TV! And with a little help from Brit's personal choreographer, Andre Fuentes. (Remote Control)

+ Janet Jackson has indefinitely postponed the rest of her international Rock Witchu tour, citing migraines, laziness the "economic crisis." (

+ Hilary Duff to star in a new Bonnie & Clyde remake! Allure, you totally called that Faye Dunaway connex. (E! Online)

+ Thank you, Mischa Barton, for reminding us that one black cape + your grandpa's suit AND TIE + one crazy, floppy sunhat = an unforgivable crime of fashion. (Scandalist)

+ Pete Wentz says Who Framed Roger Rabbit? -- the inspiration for FOB's "I Don't Care" video -- is one of the "most overlooked" flicks in movie history. Also? It's, like, a metaphor for LIFE! "When you're throwing people in the goo," explains Professor Wentz, "you have to realize that you are the person who is scared to get in it." Hey, thanks for ruining the ending, brah! (MTV News)

+ Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has just gotten engaged to her boyfriend of one month! Now, we ain't sayin' she's a gold diggah ... but dude owns an ENTIRE YACHTING COMPANY -- and gave her a $310,000 engagement ring. (Access Hollywood)