The Buzz On: The Friday Night Boys

Fairfax, Virginia -- home of the annual, edible-sculpture-producing Chocolate Lovers Festival -- hasn't turned out any Wikipedia-worthy national news since the Civil War. Well, all that's about to change thanks to the explosive emergence of an unignorably raucous new pop-punk band called The Friday Night Boys.

If the name sounds familiar, maybe you caught them among's "Pop-Punk Rookies of 2009," or playing live on TRL's 'On Your Radar.' Maybe you're one of their 63,949 (as of 7:00 tonight) MySpace friends.

Regardless, if you're already a Friday Night Boys fan, you're about to have a whole lotta company! Nevermind the fact that they sold 45,000 downloads of their SELF-RELEASED debut EP. The Fueled By Ramen freshmen recently got to work on their first full-length album with producer Emanuel Kiriakou (the same dude who's turned out hit after hit for David Archuleta, Jesse McCartney, Jordin Sparks and so many more) and it is all but guaranteed to SMOKE.

Watch for the full-length later this year... In the meantime, bone up on The Friday Night Boys and get ready to be dominated.

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