Camilla Belle Opens Up To 'Nylon' Magazine

Spoiler alert: Camilla Belle is REALLY REALLY pretty and REALLY smart. She's basically like our Elizabeth Taylor. And she even manages to make those knit overalls look amazing. I know they're puhROBably Missoni and puhROBably cost more than the budget of your average music video -- with the exception, of course, of the Jonas Brothers' "Lovebug" video, which she stars in -- but they're giving me a little bit of a headache right now. Yet, see? Even Camilla Belle can do them justice.

Anyway, check out Camilla's Nylon mag cover story. You'll be disappointed if you were expecting any major Joe Jonas revelations, but she does have plenty to say her Push co-star, wee Dakota Fanning (is it just me, or is she like a quiet little librarian granny lady trapped in the body of a 14 year old? It's unsettling) and about another close male friend -- Robert Pattinson. (OME!)