Weekend Buzz Bites: Kevin Jonas Dishes, Justin Timberlake Gets His 'Swagga' Back

+ Eldest Jonas Brother Kevin shared all sortsa juicy stuff with Detroit's Channel 955 during an exclusive radio interview. To summarize: JoBros + Taylor Swift = TOTALLY friends; Sasha + Malia Obama = adorbs; purity rings = still on tight. (MTV News)

+ Should we be concerned that Lindsay Lohan is taking this whole concept of skinny jeans a bit too seriously? (The Superficial)

+ Justin Timberlake feels like we got our swagga back thanks to Obama. (Pop Sugar)

+ Madonna's Sticky + Sweet Tour Part Deux? Apparently it's so on this summer. (Faded Youth)

+ Lil Wayne's next album, a rock LP entitled Rebirth, will be dropping April 7th. Prediction: on April 8, Weezy F. Baby's gonna be bumpin' this to celebrate. (MTV News)

+ Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson: potential new besties? Mebbe... Kelly's rumored second single from her new album, All I Ever Wanted, is a song written by Katy and new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi: "I Do Not Hook Up" (sure you don't Katy...er...Kells) (Perez Hilton)

+ Diddy already changed his name like 1,365,277 times and no one really cared, so now Kanye West is jumping onto the bandwagon. From here on in, please refer to the former Louis Vuitton don as, um, Martin Louis The King, Jr. (And commence eye rolling in 3... 2... 1) (Rap-Up)

+ Breaking: David Bowie has joined the Twitterverse (as has Aretha Franklin's hat). (The Rad Report)

+ Pete Wentz wears furry boots and, um, you know... maybe shouldn't! (Pop on the Pop)