5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Might Think She's In A Whitesnake Video

True confessions: If we had a schedule that came anywhere close to resembling Miley's, we'd probs just crawl into bed, set our DVR on a Hills marathon, and just never get up. What with her recent performance at the Kids' Inaugural Concert, her church-goin' responsibilities, and her new Hannah Montana movie on the horizon, it's no wonder she's having uvula-cutting accidents! It's all just too much!

Anyway, all these daily stressors might help some a little light on why Miley thought it was a good idea to leave the house looking like this. OR maybe she just thinks she's in a Whitesnake video? Here are the top 5 reasons she just might:

5. Aqua Net: We've all had bad hair days before, but Miley does kinda seem like she's channeling David Coverdale. Feel free to experiment, Miley! You're young and it's understandable that you want to step out of your box. But please just don't do anything crazy... like frosted tips.

4. Fringed Boots: Tawny Kitaen, the breakout star of Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video (and star of Celebrity Rehab 2!) was pants-less and barefoot through most of the video, but you just know that she probably had a pair of fringed suede boots like these waiting in her dressing room.

3. Ripped Tights: Don't laugh, but we actually wondered if Miley's torn tights were a fashion statement or a political one? Each hole represents a lost job? A dip in the stock market? Crazier things HAVE happened... again, like the uvula incident.

2. Iron Maiden Tee: Granted, it's the wrong band, but I'm still interpreting this as a definitive vote for '80s hair rock.

1. Peer Pressure: Miley made all her friends dress like Whitesnake groupies too!

Or maybe, she's "just being Miley?"