Who ARE You, 'Tokin' Black Guy'?

Who are you, Tokin' Black Guy, if that's even your REAL name! Are you a semi-incognito Pharrell Williams? A way WAY underground lost Dungeon Family artist? Some kind of viral marketing single dropped by Swatch? And should I feel weird about your name? (Though we are pretty much living in post-white America, after all.)

Your tracks magically appeared in my inbox (maybe that's why you call yourself a rocket scientist), and while I can't find any evidence that corroborates your "produced by Kanye West" subject line, I like the Kanye-minus-the-mortifyingly-bad-singing-habit/ low-fi feel, complete with MS Paint flair.

+ Listen to Tokin' Black Guy's "Body Clock" and the extremely-Andre 3000-ifici "Turn My Music High," and tell me who YOU think Tokin' Black Guy REALLY is...