New Video: Jason Mraz With Colbie Caillat, 'Lucky'

We're not sure whether Jason Mraz's "Lucky" -- directed by Darren Doane, who also shot Jason's "I'm Yours" video -- is a music video or an ad for that new ck one V2.0. We're also not sure we care. The song, a pretty duet with the breathy, sunkissed Colbie Caillat, may be short, sweet and a bit on the hokey side, but trust us when we tell you the cinematography's no joke.

Get a taste of the good life by watching Jason Mraz (and by the way, nice to see Jason looking way more Chuck Bass than guy-from-Spin Doctors!) pound Prague's picturesque pavement while his one and only leaves wet, sandy footprints somewhere off the coast of paradise. Oh, to be warm and in love ...

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