The Buzz On ... Christina Milian

Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned Cinderella story. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl lands major record deal and everyone lives happily ever after.

'Course, in real life, it doesn't always work out like that. And for Christina Milian, her picture-perfect life fell apart faster than you can say "Once upon a time." Turns out, the perfect boyfriend was cheating, the iron-clad contract with Def Jam Records was expendable, and the career of her dreams was nothing more than fairy dust.

Fortunately, this being the new millennium and all, Christina decided she wasn't ready to close the book on her musical career just yet. After a three-year absence (during which time she did some MAJOR soul-searching, found a new Prince Charming and got her ass back in the studio), Christina's just about ready to release her third album: Dream in Color.

So join us in welcoming the drop-dead gorge singer-slash-actress back to the scene, and wish her lotsa luck with her new LP (set to drop in April of '09). She may not have a magic wand-toting fairy godmother by her side, but she's got something even better: glowy skin, perfect cheekbones and a crapload of determination.

Oh, and we're thinking that sure-to-blow track featuring professional hitman Kanye West doesn't hurt, either.

+ Have you been missing Christina Milian like candy? Relive the sugary sweetness of her chocolicious hit single, "Dip it Low." Bottoms (WAY!) up, after the jump.