Crooked X Can't Drive, Must Rock

With a name like Forrest French and hair like Robert Plant, you can't very well grow up to be a school teacher or a pediatric dentist. No. When you're Forrest French, you gotta rock. You gotta rock hard and you gotta rock now. That's gotta be one of the reasons that Oklahoma-native Forrest French (along with longhair Okie bros Jesse Cooper, Josh McDowell and Boomer Simpson) set out at the age of 13 to make music that, as Cooper says, "will rip your head off." That's how they became Crooked X.

Now, after opening for Ted Nugent and Kiss, playing the CBS Early Show and landing three of their songs in the rotation on "Rock Band," Crooked X are finally on the verge of releasing their first full-length album (out January 27). They're also finally about to turn 15. INSANE.

To give you some idea of how these high school freshmen managed to cram a whole career's worth of AC/DC energy into one album before they even got their driver's licenses, MTV will debut Crooked X: Rock N' Roll Dream at midnight on January 27. The documentary follows the band's progress from Pantera-fans playing their friends' Oklahoma backyards to rock stars playing Swedish stadiums. TOTALLY NORMAL. Not really. These dudes are intensely talented. Check them out now and at midnight on January 27!