The Buzz On ... Kimberly Cole

Remember the 80's? We don't! -- You know, what with being practically in utero and all.  Fortunately, thanks to VH1 and their decade-centric nostalgia, we have developed a fine (if slightly belated) appreciation for all things Madonna/Debbie Gibson/Tiffany-related. (Not to mention neon leggings, micro-minis, and the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.)

And while some fads are better left in the past (take, for example, shoulder pads) we were happy to see that some of our fave '80s trends live on in curly-haired bubble gum popper, Kimberly Cole.

Hmm, doesn't ring a bell? Well, the retro-chic chanteuse (she looks a bit like Nicole Scherzinger, minus about 10 pounds of foundation) recently popped up on our radar when she opened for Katy Perry. And she pairs hot stage moves with simple dance beats and dare-you-not-to-sing-along harmonies. The result? A sound that's part '80s (think old-school Madonna), part '90s girlie-pop (think: Willa Ford, "I Wanna Be Bad") and part right-frickin'-now (think "Womanizer.")

Get a feel for Cole's style by checking out her MySpace page -- and keep your eyes peeled for her Superstar EP, which drops January 27. And while you're at it, you might wanna take a look at her one-of-a-kind choreography. Nope, you're not seeing things -- girl's bumping and grinding like Xtina during her "Dirrty" years -- and she's doing it ON ROLLER SKATES.

And you thought you were coordinated cause you made J.V. volleyball...