Buzzworthy Battle: Carson Daly Vs. Damien Fahey (???)

Be honest with yourself, TRL loyalists! Some of you dreamed of a Carson Daly-Damien Fahey sandwich (I MEAN YOU WANTED TO SHARE A QUIZNO'S SUB WITH THEM! GOD!!!), and some of you HATERS dreamed of a Carson-Damien smackdown, didn't you? I certainly didn't. Carson didn't, but I KNOW some of you did. BUT, who does Carson think would win in a battle of the boy band VJs?

"I'm just a much bigger guy. I think I would destroy him, actually," Carson told Details' Know + Tell blog.

DEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS! Actually, they're not. Because I took them out of context. But see what else he told Know + Tell about beating up Damien, potentially kissing -- and potentially getting punched by -- Katy Perry, and why he used to wear nail polish during his TRL days.