Buzz Bites -- 1/6/2009: Lily Allen Threatens To Facebook Katy Perry's Phone Number

+ Lily Allen to Katy Perry: Don't f--- with me, or I'll post your unlisted cell number on a non-elitist social networking site. (The Sun - UK)

+ Meanwhile, not only are Katy Perry and Travis McCoy not engaged — they’re not even together anymore! At least, that's what EVERYBODY's saying. (MTV News)

+ Beyonce gets a Golden Globe nomination for her uncanny portrayal of Etta James in Cadillac Records original song, “Once in a Lifetime.” (MTV News)

+ Lindsay Lohan denies splitting with her (finally confirmed!) gal pal, Samantha Ronson. (MySpace Celebrity)

+ We're not saying Aubrey O'Day took off her clothes and posed for Playboy. But hypothetically, IF she did, she allegedly took home $500K in exchange for the photos. Cha-ching! (Remote Control)

+ British singer/PETA enthusiast Leona Lewis is reportedly penning her memoirs. (Billboard)

+ Despite tearing Corey Hart to shreds in "So What," Pink says she's willing to "give him away at his next wedding." That is, assuming he hasn't sworn off marriage by then. (Seventeen, via

+ Either some perv hacked into Britney Spears' Twitter account, or else she's the biggest oversharer since Jenna Jameson. (The Hollywood Gossip)

+ Today is both Hilary Duff Download Day AND the day Nancy Kerrigan got whacked in the knees at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit back in 1994! Ah memories! (