Watch Miley and Mandy Get Webcam Goofy Celebrating New Year's Eve With Alison

Wow. What would you give to have The Miley & Mandy Show -- aka Miley Cyrus and her pal Mandy Jiroux -- celebrating New Year's Eve at your house? How could something like that even be possible? Well, it happened to Alison because M&M Cru wanted to do something to honor the work she's done and money she's raised for breast cancer awareness with the Pink Ribbon Club Foundation.

Check out the video they uploaded to

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Great stuff, no?

High school Pink Ribbon Clubs work to increase teen and young adult awareness of breast cancer and provide those ever-so-important community service opportunities, as well as raising funds in the fight against breast cancer.

Kids like Alison are working with the non-profit Pink Ribbon Club Foundation and doing really great stuff with high school clubs in California (where Alison established her club), Ohio, West Virginia, Connecticut, Florida and Arkansas. There are also college clubs at University of Southern California and University of California, Santa Barbara that assist in starting high school clubs and raising awareness on their own campuses.

Any high school student (boys or girls) can participate, and the Pink Ribbon Club Foundation provides professional support, resources, education, imagination and necessary tools to the clubs to help them achieve their goals.

You won't believe how easy it is to start a Pink Ribbon Club at your high school. If you're interested, visit for more information or email for a free New Club Starter Kit.