Pop Cultured's Top 3 Videos Of 2008! No. 1: Madonna, '4 Minutes'

There were so many amazing videos this year that we decided to commemorate our fave three by doing a mini Buzzworthy Countdown. (Sorta like MTV’s Best of 2008 lists, except shorter!) Read on to find out the reasoning behind my #1 pick.

Forget what they taught you in elementary school about how "winning isn't everything." In the real world, there aren't any honorable mentions (or crappy fake medals) for coming in second, no matter how well you played or how many sportsmanship points you scored.

And since it's all about being the best, I'm not going to sit here and sugarcoat it for all you die-hard Katy Perry/Jonas Brothers/Tokio Hotel fans out there. In the totally plausible (but technically made-up) words of Bill Clinton on the eve of the Democratic National Convention: "You fought a good fight, Hill, but 2008 just wasn't your year."

Nope, '08 officially belonged to Madonna, for proving that you're never to old to get divorced, win over Miley Cyrus, ban Sarah Palin from your shows, collaborate with Justin Timberlake (and Britney!) or gyrate provocatively across the stage while wearing retro athletic shorts and lip-syncing along to The Immaculate Collection.

So give it up for Madge -- whose alarmingly muscular frame and dance skillz only get stronger with age -- by rewatching her video "4 Minutes." And remember: it's never too late to keep reinventing yourself. After all, if Bernard Madoff's long-running Ponzi scheme has taught us anything, it's that it ain't over til it's really, really over.

Well, that and you should ALWAYS diversify your investments.

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