The Jonas Brothers' 'Burning Up' Book = A Very Merry Chanukkah Indeed!

Well well well! Look what the Chanukkah Stork deposited on my desk with a little help from his good friend, Fed Ex Fairy! It's the Jonas Brothers book, Burning Up: On Tour With the Jonas Brothers, written by Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas their very selves.

SO! Is the book AS GOOD as going on tour with the Jonas Brothers for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT like I DID BACK IN AUGUST? OF COURSE not! DUHR! Is it better than Eminem's book? CLEARLY!

You'd think that after two days on the road with the Jonases (and Denise AND Frankie), I'd know ALL there is to know about the Brothers Jonas. BUT, turns out there are STILL a few things I didn't know! Like...

Thing 1: Nick loves John Lobb shoes. I DID NOT KNOW THAT! (page 47)

Thing 2: Joe loves BrickBreaker -- no longer am I alone in my obsession! (page 30)

Thing 3: I already know everything there is to know about Kevin!

Thing 4: Joe learned his higher-than-the-Rockettes kicks from Japanese stuntman Koichi Sakamoto, who trained the Power Rangers! (page 38)

Thing 5: Trampoline dodgeball looks amazing and just may be the new Twitter! (page 83)

Oh yeah -- the detail shot of Joe's bloody pants from the AMAs, as well as the very iPod-y stylized graphic in the beginning of the book (I took some iPod-y liberties) are aces!

Find out more about Burning Up, and check out a few choice shots from within the book's hallowed covers after the jump!

AND did YOU get the Jonas Brothers' Burning Up book for your seasonal holiday celebration? Or the day it came out? What's your favorite page/ part/ passage/ pic? DISCUSS!

+ Plus: "Lovebug" is my second-fave video of all of 2008!