Buzzworthy's S*** We Wanna Get: A Miley Cyrus-Inspired Camera Ring!

Poor Miley Cyrus! The insight she gives us into her A-list life in her "Fly On the Wall" video -- she can't even go see Bolt without getting harassed by photo-happy paps -- makes me think she could seriously benefit from a cute little spy cam to give the paps a dose of their own drama.

(Plus, Miley's jewelry is the best! The beaded necklaces she wore to the Bolt premiere were perfection, and I still want that sweet little purple ring from her "7 Things" video.)

Anyway, Fred Flare's teensy little camera ring, is a recession-bustin' $10 flat, meaning that even if you're not the 35th most-powerful celeb, you can still scrounge for that kinda change within the depths of your couch.

(It doesn't actually take photos, but maybe that's a good thing.)

OH YEAH, and I don't know what you're doing New Year's Eve, but Miley's spending New Year's with MTV (yay!) and a VERY lucky fan. In their bedroom. PERFORMING LIVE. FOR REAL-for real! Check it out!

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