Buzzworthy's S*** We Wanna Get: Katy Perry's 'Hot N Cold' Makeup!

There's nothing not to love about Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" video -- it's got suhweet '80s dance moves and full-on fluoro, a bawlin' bridesmaid in drag, a giant hotdog, girls hula hooping at the speed of sound, Katy in a break-away wedding dress, bike chases, and a REAL LIVE ZEBRA.

And if that weren't enough, Katy changes clothes ... like a girl... changes clothes. And she also changes looks. And one of her "Hot N Cold" style standouts is her "I Love the '80s" lime-green eyes and peachy-pink lips. But how to achieve without a record label video budget? Without being Katy Perry?

Easiness! Dust on MAC's Golden Olive eyeshadow pigment ($19.50), a few swipes of MAC's Sandy B lipstick ($14.00), and seal the deal with MAC's Love Nectar Lustreglass gloss (also $14.00) for some extra shine. Then make a mad dash for the altar. Travis McCoy not included.

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