New Video: A. Pinks, 'Held Me Down'

Since he was just a sprightly 15 years old, Adrien "A. Pinks" Pinkard has been lighting up Queens, NY's Ravenswood Housing Projects with his from-the-hip honest rhymes. And he's GOOD, too. Everybody from online hip-hop authority, to URB, to Vibe, to The Source to DJ Whoo Kid have been flabbergasted by the lack of label attention A. Pinks has received. Why's everybody asleep?? Says Nobodysmiling, "judging from the depth and shear veracity of his material, every head honcho passing will eventually have to live with regrets."

Now the MC who's been labeled next by those who call out who's got next has come out with a big video debut called "Held Me Down." It's all tagged up with choice lyrics so you can rap along, if that's something that you're into. Either way, don't skip this video. And keep those eyes peeled for new mixtapes.