Buzz Bites -- 12/18/08: Breaking: Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony May Or May Not Be Having Marital Troubles. Discuss!

+ According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's marriage is on the verge of disintegrating. According to People, they're more in love than ever. Tabloids ... can't live with 'em, can't not look at the pictures. (

+ Katy Perry takes to her blog to shoot down the Daily News' report that Travis McCoy popped the question. "NOT engaged!" she wrote on her Tumblr. So what about the rock? Just a promise ring, Perry insists. "But thanks for the free press, New York Daily News!" (Katy Perry's blog)

+ Lily Allen's in deep shiznit with her record label. (Something about leaking her cover of Britney's "Womanizer" online?) Fortunately, Lily's a big girl and she's willing to step up and take responsibility -- by placing the blame squarely on Mark Ronson's shoulders. (AceShowbiz)

+ Here's your official 2008 JoBros recap! And as an extra special bonus, we'll even throw in our fave memories from the weekend we actually got PAID to hang out with our most favorite band ever. (Jonas Brothers Fan)

+ And speaking of recappage packages, revisit the craziest (and most cringeworthy) moments from Season 4 of The Hills in preparation for Monday night's finale! (Remote Control)

+ Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy may (or may not!) be married! Either way, they're crazy in love. (Hollyscoop)

+ Taylor Swift isn't gonna to let a little thing like having her wisdom teeth (painfully!) extracted keep her down. At least, not for long. (Celebrity MySpace)

+ Akon is way too diplomatic accuse Christina Aguilera's of stealin' Lady Gaga's style. But he's not above pointing out a few (ahem) latent similarities. (Rap-Up)

+ Super snaps to Santogold and Janelle Monae for helping to push the Afro-Punk movement into the mainstream. (MTV News)