Buzz Bites -- 12/17/2008: Taylor Swift Triumps As Britney Spears Waves Buh-Bye To #1 Status

+ Taylor Swift fans, rejoice! Last week, the country-pop star (and one-time Jonas-dater) sold over 248,000 copies of her new album, Fearless -- enough to overtake Britney's new LP on Billboard's album charts. Hey, guess not everybody loves a circus. (MTV News)

+ Former Danity Kane crooner Aubrey O'Day sez she's ready to find that special someone -- even if he just happens to be a she. (Remote Control)

+ Madonna and Guy Ritchie have issued a joint statement refuting reports of a $76 million divorce settlement. Sadly, that statement failed to disclose whether the actual number was higher or lower. WE WANT ANSWERS! (

+ Sure, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus made MTV's list of 2008's Top Teen Queens. But give it up for relative newcomers Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and, of course, Twilight's Kristen Stewart. Way to go, Bells! (MTV News)

+ So what's next on Miley's to-do list? Well, let's see -- she's already got the Porsche, the Hannah Montana merch and the perfect anti-paparazzi anthem. How's about winning an Oscar? (WhioTV)

+ We had no problem with Enrique Iglesias kissing a lucky female fan (other than crazy, psychotic jealousy). But we're slightly skeeved out to hear he may or may not have had a crotch-cam on him at the time. (Scandalist)

+ Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony ditched diaper duty long enough to grab a romantic meal together in Beverly Hills. "[They] looked genuinely in love," observed one fellow restaurant-goer. Which isn't easy to do when you're busy stuffing your face with Kobe meatballs and scarfin' down tiramisu. (People)

+ Last night, Diddy threw his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter a private birthday bash in West Hollywood. Of course, when you're rollin' with the Dids, "private" is just a figure of speech. Other attendees included Lisa Gastineau and Grey's Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo and Sara Ramirez. (E! Online)