New Video: Glasvegas, 'Geraldine'

It is a testament to the power of video and triumphant melodies that it takes two or three listens to realize that Glasvegas' "Geraldine" is about the band's problems and the social worker who helps them deal. No, really. According to British rock journal NME, "Geraldine" is the true story of a big-hearted fan who ditched her do-gooder job to sell Glasvegas merch and offer the band professional mental help on the road. Crazy, huh?

But hey, wait, have you even heard of Glasvegas yet? Just in case: they're a Scottish (Glaswegian, to be exact) four-piece whose self-titled debut hit #2 on the UK charts within a week of its release. Now Glasvegas is up for Album Of The Year in Sweden and album of the moment in the states.

As far as sound goes, think Interpol meets Snow Patrol, and not just because it rhymes. Soaring, searing emotion meets walls of reverb and tidal choruses. Epic stuff. Wait'll you see the light show in the video!