Buzzworthy's S*** We Wanna Get: A Plaid Jonas Brothers Vest, Plz!

Today's present for you/ us is brought to you by the Jonas Brothers, menswear, the letter "V," and the adorably obviously fashion fact that no one can rock a vest like Nick, Kevin, and Joe -- especially Joe. (And sometimes Lil Wayne!)

But you're a perfect runner-up. Which is why you should pick up this Brunette Vest from

It's a cool $39.99 (but they're giving you 15% off today only with promo code "final15" - ho ho ho!), and while the plaid button-down front says "Joe Jonas at the 2008 VMAs," (watch their "Lovebug" performance below) the crocheted back is all Demi Lovato. Kevin Jonas ice cream man bow tie, sideburns sold separately.

And because finding photos of any or all of the Jonas Brothers wearing vests is like shooting fish in a barrel, here are a few faves from our vast Jonas Brothers archives:

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