Buzzworthy's S*** We Wanna Get: Britney's 'Circus' Necklace & Beyonce's Scary 'Single Lady' Ring

They say it's more rewarding to give than receive, but who are THEY, and what do THEY know? BUZZWORTHY knows that it's more AWESOME to get than give, so that's why we've compiled a holiday list of s*** we wanna get, inspired by the girls -- and guys -- who have it all -- Britney, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel, the Jonas Brothers, and more.

So, last week we told you that Britney's "Circus" necklace is by Italian designer Love Sex Money AND that it's $1000, and that it's probably way out of the reach of any normal folk. BUT, multifaceted, multitalented Los Angeles designer Candace Ang -- she's a jewelry, accessories, and fashion designer, and she's working on a fragrance too -- has a pearl ruffian bib necklace that can be yours (or mine!) for just $178! Get it at

So, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" metal robo hand -- it's by French designer Thierry Mugler -- is both cool and scary. I wouldn't really want to wear the entire glove (prolly hard to type in, I'd imagine), but a few pieces of intimidating alloy might rock: New York designer Meredith Kahn's for her Made Her Think jewelry has earned her a cult following (Posh and Becks, Cameron Diaz, Angelia Jolie, and Scarlett Johansson are fans, and Zooey Deschanel's wearing a Made Her Think necklace in the current issue of Complex). Check up on this badass Made Her Think talon ring:

It's covered in Swarovski crystals, and it fits over two fingers, so it's like two rings for the price of one! Put Made Her Think's ring on for just $77, and check back soon for more s*** we wanna get!