New Video: Keri Hilson (Featuring Lil Wayne), 'Turnin Me On'

Keri Hilson is the kinda high "Energy" gal who can take doorknob-sized earrings, hipstery knit hats, and platform shoes and make it work. Add to that a sound that's one-part Rihanna "Umbrella" and two parts Beyonce "Ring the Alarm," plus Aaliyah-style choreography and the best surprise rap since Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' verse in TLC's "Waterfalls" -- and you've got yourself a hit (otherwise known as Hilson's new video, "Turnin Me On.")

Helping Keri seal the deal -- and push her chest-bumpin' vid into must-see territory -- is rapper/pants-dropper extraodinaire Lil Wayne, who was kind enough to supply his own wardrobe (i.e. matching his and hers K-Fed tanks!) So check out Hilson's latest, give it up for her sleek biker chick-meets-Park-Slope wardrobe and feel free to ogle/drool over the parade of shirtless dudes who look like they jumped off the cover of Abs Weekly magazine.