Weekend Buzz Bites: Lily Allen Wants A Piece Of Britney's Comeback

+ Lily Allen (aka "fat" Katy Perry) is, perhaps, a little jealous of all the attention Britney Spears' #1 single "Womanizer" seems to be getting.  So, what better way to steal some of the Pop Princess's thunder than to do a remake!  Of Britney's two month old song!  What the ... ? (Evil Beet)

+ Speaking of Katy Perry, she's very, very, very sorry for calling Lily Allen fat ... she meant "pleasantly plump." (Pop on the Pop)

+ Who was naughty and who was nice at New York radio station Z-100's annual Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Friday night?  By our count: Rihanna and Chris Brown = def naughty (treating the crowd to some playful PDA). Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Lady GaGa, Brandy and Leona Lewis = def nice (that is, if "nice" means not making out with anyone else on stage during their performance). (Celebuzz)

+ Kanye West was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Some people ... uhm ... wish that he wasn't. (D Listed)

+ In case you're keeping track, here's our up-to-the-moment status on bump watch '08: Avril Lavigne = not preggo. Janet Jackson = maybe preggo. Mariah Carey = *probably* though no confirmations yet preggo. (Jewssip)

+ It's a Christmas miracle! Guy Ritchie and Madonna decided to make nice-y with each other so the whole fam could be together for the holidays. Guess A-Rod's stuck lightin' the menorah on his own now. Oy. (Jezebel)

+ Diddy helped Jamie Foxx celebrate his 41st birthday on Saturday night at TAO in Las Vegas.  No word on whether or not he was wearing his new cologne I Am King ... you know, the one that was inspired by his own breath? (Rap-Up)

+ Nicole Richie is apparently hard at work on a new album, and she's bringing in Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne to collab.  Guess Paris was too busy with her new BFF. (Perez Hilton)

+ Here's an evil collection of songs that will mos def get stuck in your head (S-O-R-R-Y!) (Buzzfeed)