Diamonds Are Britney's Best Friend: How Much Is Britney's 'Circus' Jewelry Worth?

You'd better "Believe" that the perfume on Britney's vanity table in her “Circus” video is some hardcore product placement, but I was "Curious" about the jewelry Britney's wearing. So I put in a call to the video's stylist, Laura Duncan -- she styled Britney for her “Womanizer” video -- who broke the ice, if you will, on all those rocks Britney's rockin' in “Circus.”

The circular diamond earrings Britney puts on at the very beginning of the video are by red carpet staple Bulgari -- Kanye West had his 28th birthday at the New York boutique back in 2005, if that puts things into perspective economically. Regular people will be displeased to know that the earrings are valued at $15,000. (I did, however, find three similar styles for under $100! Seriously. Check them out at,, and Amazon.)

The diamond necklace inside the jewelry box that Britney opens is also Bulgari, and if you thought $15,000 is a lot of money (um, because it is), that piece is $43,000, so start skipping your daily Starbucks run now should you aspire to own a piece of such magnitude.

Maybe I’m just thrifty at heart, but my favorite piece of jewelry that Britney rocks in her “Circus” video is also the least costly. It’s the chunky collar piece with sparkling stones on a black silk backing, and comparatively speaking, it's a steal at $1,000. It's by Italian label Love Sex Money (which sounds like a Lady Gaga song that didn’t quite make the cut).

Finally, the rhinestone leotard Britney’s wearing in the firecracker scene is a real vintage piece completely covered in stones. It came from a private collection in Los Angeles.

Anyway, now back to shopping for jewelry I usually shop: Claire’s, Target, and the pockets and purses of unsuspecting passersby.