Buzz Bites -- 12/10/2008: Katy Perry Not Interested In Going To The 'Circus'

+ Britney Spears is about to be back on top with her new LP -- but that doesn't mean everyone's lining up to work with her. "She's not at the top of my list," admits self-professed girl-kisser Katy Perry, who sez she'd much rather collaborate with the likes of John Legend. (E! Online)

+ Meanwhile, the Pussycat Dolls would LOVE to collab with Brit Brit. Er, again. Hey, maybe this time, Britney's scenes will actually make it past the cutting room floor! (Angry Ape)

+ Did Tom "Couch-Jumpin'" Cruise SERIOUSLY just give Spencer Pratt marital advice? Seriously?? (Hills: Live After Show)

+ Depressions are depressing! Which is why Diddy has decided to scale back his bling until after the rest of the country can afford to pay their electric bill. Awww. (Remote Control)

+ Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore have found an ingenious way to combine our hatred of cancer ... and our love of 18 karat gold jewelry. (WXYZ)

+ Taylor Swift continues to insist that she's totally, 100% O-V-E-R Joe Jonas. Yep, because nothing says "I'm single and fabulous!" quick incessantly talking about your ex. (MTV News)

+ One-time Brit-pop rivals Blur and Oasis are reportedly reuniting next summer in London's Hyde Park. Um, finally! (NME via Scandalist)

+ Crazy caps lock-lovin' Kanye West confirms MTV News' report that will be "PRODUCING ON U2'S NEXT ALBUM." (MTV - UK)