Oh! It's That 'Wii Fit' Song: Friendly Fires, 'On Board'

If I had a buck for every time I saw that new "Wii Fit" commercial -- the one with the different people demonstrating all the things you can do when you actually make the quantum leap from sitting on your ass and playing video games to getting OFF your ass while still playing video games -- I'd have enough money to afford an actual "Wii Fit."

The song's called "On Board," and it's by British indie dance-pop outfit Friendly Fires (not to be confused with the Sean Lennon album, Friendly Fire) -- and they feel like the Rapture meets Junior Senior, they've opened for Interpol, and they keep company with labelmates M.I.A. and Radiohead.

Coincidentally, the actual "On Board" video features the band getting actual exercise while dressed like stand-ins from The Royal Tennenbaums and participating in some sort of Idiotarod. It's also basically an American Apparel commercial. They're Bono's favorite band, NME and DrownedInSound are all over them, and now you are too.