New Secondhand Serenade Video: 'Your Call'

secondhand serenade

Our good buddy John Vesely, aka Secondhand Serenade, doesn't quite strike us as the high school theater type. Don't you get more of a "used-Jetta, Salinger-reading, earnest boyfriend" vibe? Well, regardless, his new video, "Your Call," is beyond theatrical. It starts off with a velvet curtain opening on an empty, spotlit stage. From there, Vesely's mini-melodrama just builds and builds and builds -- a set materializes, angelic women sway -- until it explodes into an eyes-closed chorus of "I WAS BORRRN! TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOUUU!" Beats the heck out of any boring play we ever saw.

"Your Call," the second single off Secondhand Serenade's February release, A Twist In My Story, had a deservedly epic debut on the FNMTV holiday special this past Friday. Needless to say, girls cried. Speaking of which, since you're here and teary-eyed already, you may as well also check out the video for Twist's first single, "Fall For You." Sorry in advance about your sore heartstrings.