New Video: Miley Cyrus, 'Fly On The Wall'

Don't you guys just haaaaate it when you're out on a date with this super-cute guy (who has the same taste in movies as you do! Score!) and you're walking around, talking, laughing and looking up at the full moon, when, all of a sudden, BAM! Your dangerously datable plus-one morphs from scruffy hipster dude to evil, bloodsucking creep! Vampire? Werewolf? You wish -- this guy's the scariest lowlife of all: a camera-wielding paparazzi.

Welcome to Miley Cyrus' worst nightmare.

Her new video, "Fly On The Wall," a (real-life?) horror story about getting chased by a pack of well-choreographed paps -- is equal parts Britney Spears' "Circus," and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with a little of Lindsay Lohan's "Rumors" thrown in for good measure.

The video, which premiered on Friday night's FNMTV, captures the freakiness of My Cy's life, the campy/nonsensical nature of horror flicks (best line: "They were dancing and I'm not really sure why, but they were!") and the amazingness of cheesy group dance numbers all while making us SERIOUSLY nostalgic for Paramore's all-time fave movie, Teen Wolf.

So check it out, catch up on all the latest FNMTV premieres, and let us know whether you think Miley's being slightly overdramatic (paps don't dance!) or just telling it like it is.