Five Things About The All-American Rejects' New Album, Plus New Photos!

(Credit: Candice Lawler)

Seeing is believing. And now that we've seen these new pics of The All-American Rejects, we believe we're even more in love with them than we already were, assuming that's even possible. And in addition to giving good face (like Rita Hayworth!) and even better torso, the Rejects are here to tell you why their latest album, When The World Comes Down, is no joke.

So flip through the All-American Rejects' hot (and, occasionally, naked-from-the-waist-up) shots, find out five reasons why their new baby's totally worthy checking out, and re-watch that "catchy little jingle" otherwise known as their new I-love-slash-hate-the-90's themed video, "Gives You Hell."